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About Revive Wellness

Holistic Health Coaching + Pain Relief Exercise

T​hrough a customized blend of health modalities, we've helped individuals to reset, revive, and restore their bodies, while rejuvenating their minds to live an enjoyable life, free of pain. Revive Wellness is on a mission to empower YOU to improve your own health and live a happier, healthier life!

Revive Wellness brings together integrated health practices for a holistic well-being experience:

  • Integrative Health Coaching

  • Nutrition Education

  • MELT Method Pain Relief Exercise

We offer customized programs, for individuals and also employers organizations, that support the individual goals and needs of the amazing people we serve.  At Revive Wellness, we advise, guide and share in your journey to well-being

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Why Revive

Why health coaching + pain relief?

It can help with


By improving health through health coaching, and reducing pain with proper self-care, we are able to find greater happiness in life overall.


Pain can cause tiredness and feelings of exhaustion which impact our overall health.


With a pain-free mind, you are able to focus more on things that matter.


By reducing pain and bettering our health, we can better appreciate the things we love to do and the people that matter to us most.  Through pain relief and healthy living, we can improve our relationships and daily lives.

Weight Loss

If pain is reduced, we can exercise more and make healthier choices, helping with weight loss goals.


By relieving pain, we can reduce our stress levels, and live happier, brighter lives.


Happy Clients

I've had pain in my feet, legs, and back for years. Doctors and physical therapists have not been able to help with the pain since they weren't able to determine the cause. Since I started using the MELT Method™ with Revive Wellness, I've noticed a difference in how I feel. My heel pain is better, and every time my back hurts I MELT for quick relief. I'm grateful to have met Janine and to have learned the practice of ‘MELTing.’”

— Monique Hale

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Middletown, New Jersey

Our Offerings

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Therapeutic Massage
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